Car Accidents Can Cost More Than You Think

Experiencing Back Pain, Neck Pain or Headaches as a result of an Accident or Injury?  Dr. Lopez has extensive experience in whiplash treatment and with helping people suffering from back injuries associated with auto accidents, pedestrian injuries, hit and runs or slip and falls.  Dr. Lopez understands how to balance insurance regulations with your legal rights to ensure you get the best treatment options for your recovery.

Finding the right chiropractor for your auto accident or personal injury case is just as important as understanding the guidelines of your insurance company, its coverage limitations and choosing a good attorney.  Dr. Lopez has worked with all major auto, health and state insurance companies.  He knows how to provide the type of care and treatment you deserve.  No “one-size-fits-all.”  Dr. Lopez treats every customer as an individual based on the injury they have received as a result of there auto accident or personal injury.  Dr. Lopez has the training and experience to diagnose, treat and advocate for your care regardless of your insurance policy.

Auto Accident Claims

Dr. Lopez will make sure that your claim is submitted timely and properly.  He knows (first-hand) the stress that comes as a result of an auto accident. Dr. Lopez treatment philosophy encompasses more than injury care.  He works with you to achieve a positive rehabilitation strategy as well.  Having to deal with the frustrations and headaches of filing claims and paperwork should not be a part of your treatment or rehabilitation.  With this in mind, Dr. Lopez will do everything he can to eliminate these headaches and frustrations by coordinating efforts with your insurance policy, medical specialists and attorneys so that you can focus on getting better.

Auto Accident and Personal Injury Claims Chiropractor

Sometimes an auto accident or personal injury requires the involvement of an attorney to ensure you receive fair and proper compensation for your treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Lopez has extensive experience working with attorneys on auto accident and personal injury cases. Here’s what you can expect:


Dr. Lopez provides well documented diagnosis and treatment of your injury


Dr. Lopez follows the appropriate NJ Care Path guidelines for your injury to ensure insurance approvals


Dr. Lopez ensures timely referrals to specialists including orthopedics, neurologists, pain management and, in severe cases, surgeons


Dr. Lopez will advocate on your behalf with timely, customized appeals when insurance company decisions do not benefit your care


Dr. Lopez waives attorney report fees to expedite case proceedings and provides your attorney timely documentation to represent you effectively.

Auto Accidents are a Pain...but You Don't Have to Live with the Pain

Dr. Lopez can help with your auto-accident claim and will ensure you get the care you need and deserve…