When is Acupuncure a Good Choice.

Spinal care should always be diagnosis-based and tissue specific to achieve the best results.  The treating doctor should identify the source of pain before recommending treatment.  However, people experience pain differently and some patients experience pain more...

A Review Spinal Decompression.

Decompression refers to procedures intended to relieve pressure and nerve related pain presumably caused by a herniated disc that increases pressure on nearby nerve roots in the spinal canal.  Decompression may be surgical or non-surgical.  This article will address...

Back Pain & Yoga

ABC News ran a piece not long ago on Yoga for preventing and decreasing Low Back Pain.  Yoga techniques strengthen key core muscles and correct breathing habits that address perpetuating factors in Back Pain. The transverse abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are...

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Amaury P
Amaury P

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Very professional place. Great service! Office is kept very clean & the staff is really polite & friendly. It’s definitely a pleasant visit every time I go there. Dr. Lopez is well skilled in his chiropractic abilities- knows what he’s doing, takes any of your concerns into consideration when he does his adjustments & recovery treatments. Would highly recommend.