chiropractice care - anaerobic exerciseI recently read a great article written by Dr. Deborah Pate in Dynamic Chiropractic, volume 33, issue 1.  She discusses the connection between healthy circulation and spinal degeneration.

No one  faces Father Time unscathed.  We play an active role in our demise when we forego our general health.  Heart health in particular is critically important.   Fitness is in vogue. People are making a concerted effort to eat better, exercise regularly and indulge in moderation.  Healthy lifestyle choices help us enjoy living without falling prey to the ills of excess.  While we can’t defy time, we can certainly live in harmony with time and age gracefully.  This article helps explain the connection between spine health and heart health.


Atherosclerosis contributes to low back pain and spinal degeneration.


Takeaway Points

  • Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease; it can affect any artery.
  • Aortic calcification is an indicator of long-standing atherosclerosis.
  • Aortic calcification may also be associated with stenosis of the lumbar arteries.
  • Chronic lower back pain can be due to atherosclerosis.
  • When the normal nutrition to the intervertebral disc is compromised, degenerative changes may be initiated.
  • Ingrowth of vessels and nerve fibers into the avascular intervertebral disc may be the main cause of discogenic pain.
  • There is a direct association between cardiovascular disease and chronic lower back pain.