Chiropractic care clifton nj officeSssssooooo, after an eventful year that began with opening an official chiropractice office, followed by a phenomenal wedding to my lovely bride–who by the way is not very happy right now because I’m writing instead of spending QT with the wife after she took some time out of her day to pick me up from work and take some pics of the office (I’m almost done, baby! Love you :O)–and an amazing honeymoon, I am ready to get back into the swing of things.  My supportive and talented sister updated my business card and will soon be updating my brochure…THANKS!!!! I have a great team taking care of my billing–a painstaking but necessary side of every practice.  I spent the last few days getting caught up with accounts receivables, following up with professional contacts, laying out a plan for helping more people, and I managed to work out too…all in all a great week.  On a side note, I also plan to start writing again.  Have some ideas for articles on referred muscle pain, spinal stenosis, vitamin deficiencies, understanding co-mordities and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Docs, keep an eye out in Dynamic Chiropractic.

I’m back and ready to get back in the game.  If you have any joint or muscle aches, back issues, headaches, or you just want a second opinion on treatment options I’m your guy.  Real talk.  No obligation.  And you still get a winning smile on the house :O)

Dr Marco Lopez - Chiropractor Clifton NJ