Do I treat more than just neck pain, back pain or headaches? Of course.  I also treat the infamous “pinched nerve” that contributes to weird feelings in the the arms or legs including cramping, tingling or shooting pain.  I see many shoulder and knee cases from repetitive stress or sports related injuries.  But the title of this post highlights my bread and butter.  The area where I shine, with chronic pain issues.

Chiropractic is the most cost effective solution for chronic pain.  Why? because it provides great results in relatively few visits.  Even when treatment has to be extended in more severe cases, it is still less expensive than interventional pain or surgical options.  As compared to physical therapy, it depends on the therapist.  If you receive generic one size fits all therapy, your results well reflect the treatment.  But this holds true for any intervention.  I know that in some circles, chiropractic suffers a bad rap, but those generalizations do not reflect the treatment you will receive with me.

Don’t believe me.  I’m a skeptic too.  Search Google, Facebook, ZocDoc.

I do not promise miracles.  But together, we can overcome your chronic pain experience and get you back to living your life!